Brick Mallery/Episode Two

The Case of:

"The Bride of


"As Well"

Presented on one cassette
Approx. 40 minutes in length

ISBN 1-894003-01-2

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Brick Mallery 2
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Congratulations, you have survived the first episode of Brick Mallery, Private Investigator. ( As Heard On XM Satellite Radio! ) and you have decided to come back for more.

bang!Your decision demonstrates great intelligence and a strong character . But enough of the Italian adulazione.

You're back to find out more about Tomi Gray , the janitor. After about a month we reopened the vaults in Scenarios's sub-basement , which happens to be well beneath the earth's core, to see how Tomi was doing. We pried open the door and there he was. Little old Tomi was passed out with an emptybang! bottle of spiced rum in one hand and an empty pack of smokes in the other.

Tomi's eyes opened and he turned his head to cover his eyes from the light. "Did you survive the mission?" one Scenario executive said. "Did you find any more lost tapes?" spat another executive. "Where did you get the spiced rum?" another jealously questioned.bang!

"Well," old Tomi started. "I did survive...and here's another note I found. Were there any messages while I was gone?" he said as he handed up a note which read as follows:

"Episode Two in the Brick Mallery audio drama series, The Bride of Mallery, is a title of a monstrous undertaking which has consumed and broken many souls during its completion. Brick Mallery's crafty ex-wife hires an evil mind-control expert to wreak havoc on her former husband and hatches a plan to take over the city.

Thought-provoking diaologue, jazzy 40's style musical score and attention-getting sound effects add to this high energy audio drama."

Winner of the Publishers Weekly "Listen Up" Award for Dramatized Production.

With that, we tossed a cured ham down to Tomi and once again closed up the vault to let him search for more missing tapes.bang!

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