Modern Detective Pulp Fiction

The Case of:

"Down Alive"

Presented on one cassette
Approx. 40 minutes in length

ISBN 1-894003-03-9

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  you've managed to survive the first two episodes of Brick Mallery, Private Investigator. You must be interested to find out what happens to Tomi Gray and the madness of EPISODE THREE.

bang! Tomi Gray sat in the cold and clammy basement at Scenario Productions and pondered about what he had gotten himself into by finding these lost Brick Mallery tapes . He had been down in the sub-basement for what seemed like months. It was dark, musty and lonely. But most of all, it was scary.

Finally, one day he heard scratching sounds coming from the other side of the wall. The scratching sound got louder and louder. Tomi hoped that it was all in his head, like the endless hours of Hawaiian music. Suddenly, the morter on the wall gave way and out popped a skeleton, no more than a foot tall, wearing nothing but Pimp-style sun glasses.

"Hello," said the little skeleton creature, "My name is Skrawn. bang!   I have come to grant you two wishes... So what'll they be Mac?"

"Well what'ya know... A little skeleton!" said the astonished Tomi. "I wish for another episode in the Brick Mallery, Private Investigator series, one that's even better than that first two... and another bottle of spiced rum." "That sounds reasonable."e said Skrawn as he lit a cigarette and passed that rest of the pack to ol' Tomi. With a crack of lightning and a cloud of smoke both gifts were in Tomi Gray's greezy ol' paws. "I'll catch ya later," said Skrawn as he scurried away. bang!

Just then the Evil Scenario Executives pried open the door to the sub-basement and yelled for Tomi. We walked over and handed up a note which read as follows:

"This is the Third Episode in the Brick Mallery, Private Investigator Audio Drama series. The Case of " Down Alive " is a horror-filled nightmare. Brick Mallery and his former partner, Vic Steed, find themselves trapped like rats in a basement dungeon labrynth, where fear is dispersed through pain and shrunken heads come back from the dead. Brick finds himself tied to a rack and beaten senselessly... facing the possibility of being put " down alive."

Something new in the rich tradition of the radio mystery. The story is a trip, and the cast perfect in their roles. And the tapes are perfect for many occasions: driving in the car, cleaning the house, exercising, or just sitting around with family and friends. Instead of turning on the tube, pop in BRICK MALLERY, PRIVATE INVESTIGATOR and laugh out-loud. Funny Stuff!"

Winner of the Publishers Weekly "Listen Up" Award for Best Audio Mystery series.

The Executives then clubbed little Tomi back down into the cavernous vaults. They also tossed down a raw sheep shank and a dozen boiled eggs. Tomi was given strict instructions to find more of the twisted lost episodes of Brick Mallery, Private Investigator.bang!

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