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Inside Camp X
by Lynn Philip Hodgson

ISBN 1-894003-27-6
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By Lynn Philip Hodgson
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During World War II there was a Secret Camp on the Shores of Lake Ontario built Specifically for Training Allied Spies.

This Non-Fiction Audiobook "Inside Camp X" takes you from recruitment, Training, Specialty Instruction, Field work, Assignments, Missions, Captures and Life after the War.

The sole purpose of Camp X was to develop Secret Agents in every aspect of Silent Killing, Sabotage, Demolition, Weaponry and Morse Code.

Read by Michael Booth. Michael Booth is a prominent Shakespearean actor and producer in Canada.

The true story of what went on behind the fences of STS - 103 (Camp - X) This top secret World War II Secret Agent Training School was strategically placed in Canada on the shores of Lake Ontario.

As outlined in his biography The Life of Ian Fleming written by John Pearson after the war, Fleming was required to take the same training as the Camp - X Agents in order to realize the effect of the process and to have a better appreciation for what the Agents endured. On one occasion, he was sent inside with orders to shoot and kill the man he would find hiding in an upstairs bedroom.

Unbeknownst to Fleming, his intended target was in fact the Chief Instructor of Camp - X, Major William Ewart Fairbairn, a man who, it was fabled, was so good at his trade that he could dodge bullets! Pearson quotes William Stephenson, Head of the British Security Co-ordination, as having said, "It was a test of nerve.... a test to decide whether he (the Agent) really was ruthless enough to kill a man when it came down to it." According to the account, Fleming waited outside the room for a time, then went away. "You know, I couldn't really kill a man that way." Stephenson said Fleming apologized later. Fleming drew from this and his other experiences with Agents from Camp - X to write his famous 'James Bond' novels.

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