Mystery Theatre/Volume Two

From the Archives of the CBC

"The Hitch Hiker"
by Alan King


"The Signal Man"
by Charles Dickens

"The Duel"
by Alexandre Dumas

"A Perfectly Happy Life"
by Ted Ferguson

ISBN 1-894003-06-3

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Mystery Theater / Radio Drama from the archives of the CBC

Scenario Productions

By Alan King
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Mystery Theatre Volume 2 begins with Alan King's "The Hitch Hiker,"starring John Vernon. This is the classic story of a dead man seeking revenge from beyond the grave. Be warned - and be careful who you run over!

"The Signal Man," by Charles Dickens, tells another tale of being mown down. Remember, please remember, not to take those voices in your head too seriously.

We continue with "A Perfectly Happy Life," by Ted Ferguson. As we all know, after one year of wedded bliss, something's bound to go terribly wrong (and we mean terribly wrong).

Finally, we could not forget "The Duel" a classic tale by Alexandre Dumas. This story starts off innocently enough with a couple of guys having a few drinks. But, as we all know, sometimes things turn ugly. One man challenges another to a duel and his adversary chooses the weapons. It's not a question of who wins or looses, it's a question of who's too smart for his own good.


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