From the Archives of the CBC

"The Forest Warden"
by E.T.A. Hoffman


"Champagne Safari"
by Otto Lowy

ISBN: 1-894003-23-3

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  Mystery Theater / Radio Drama from the archives of the CBC

Scenario Productions

By E.T.A. Hoffman
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One dark and stormy night, the Forest Warden, his child and ill wife are visited by a strange and powerful man. The strange man restores the woman to health with his magic potion and promises to return.

Many years later, after visiting town to collect an inheritance, the Forest Warden is horrified to find the strange visitor drinking blood of his son from a golden cup. The police arrive and arrest the Forest Warden on charges of murder and treason, with his alibi nowhere to be found. What is the real relationship between the Forest Warden's family and the strange visitor.


Champagne Safari
By Otto Lowy

A bizarre mountain climbing expedition that set out from cold Edmonton in 1934. Some who remember say it was the folly of a millionaire French Count. Others say there was more to it than that....something strange, even sinister.

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