Stage Series/Number Nine/Sunshine Sketches of a Little Town

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"Sunshine Sketches of a Little Town"
by Stephen Leacock

ISBN 1-894003-20-9

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by Stephen Leacock

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The Ninth in the Stage Series is Stephen Leacock's classic
"Sunshine Sketches of a Little Town." This 1946 adaptation of Stephen Leacock's timeless tale is set in Mariposa, a fictional town on the shore of magnificent Lake Wissanotti. This story depicts the comedy of day-to-day life in a bustling small town. This dramatization tells of the amazing foreordained attachment of Peter Pupkin, junior teller in the Exchange Bank in Mariposa, and Zena Pepperleigh, old Judge Pepperleigh's daughter. Starring: John Drainie, Peggi Loder, Tommy Tweed, Bernard Braden, Budd Knapp.

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