Stage Series/Number Eight/The 39 Steps

From the Archives of the CBC

"The 39 Steps"
by John Buchan

ISBN 1-894003-19-5

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by John Buchan

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The Eighth volume in the Stage Series is John Buchan's thriller
"The 39 Steps." The Butler runs into a room in Mr. Richard Hannay's apartment as a secret agent lies dying on the floor. A dagger in his back, writhing in pain, the agent sputters "Tell Mr. Hannay, the 39 steps, high tide..," and dies. Mr. Hannay returns and as he and his Butler discuss the precarious situation, another knife flies into the room and sticks into the wall. Stuck to the blade is an ace of spades with a red circle around the "A." It's the calling card of The Blackstone, an international spy ring. This means certain death. Mr. Hannay embarks on a murder mystery adventure that involves assassination, secret plans and impostors. The 39 Steps is a 1947 CBC Stage Series' adaptation of John Buchan's classic thriller.

Budd Knapp, Bernard Braden, Richard Nelson, Lister Sinclair, Sam Payne, Kathleen Kid, John Drainie, Ruth Springford, Daphne Dyer.

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