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"Lies My Father Told Me"
by Ted Allan


"Never Had it So Good"
by Charles Israel

ISBN 1-894003-15-2

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by Ted Allan

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The Sixth in the Stage Series is Ted Allan's classic
"Lies My Father Told Me" A story of Jewish family battling the pressures between three generations in this comedy-drama set in 1920s Montreal. Looking back on his childhood, David, played by Paul Kligman, details his endearing relationship with his Orthodox Grandfather and the magical tales he used to tell. Originally broadcast 1954. Starring: Paul Kligman, Isaac Swerdlow, David Sniderman, Claire Murray, William Shatner.

Together with this story is Charles Israel's "Never Had It So Good." After World War II, an American Army Colonel stationed in occupied Germany has orders to set up a school on lands recently developed into a Kibbutz by Jewish concentration camp survivors. As the two groups are at odds, Dorothy, the Colonel's daughter arrives to visit her father. She meets Peter, the Kibbutz leader and to the Colonel's dismay the two begin a relationship. As the deadline nears for the Jews to be removed from their land, Dorothy must decide between her love for Peter and her father's wishes. Originally broadcast 1954.

Starring: Howard Milson, Toby Robbins, Lloyd Bochner, James Doohan, Alan King.

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