Nazi Eyes on Canada

From the Archives of the CBC

by Alan King

ISBN 1-894003-13-6

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  Old Time Radio Plays from the archives of the CBC Scenario Productions presents:

by Alan King

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1942. From the West, from the East, the war draws near to Canadian shores. Canada is saying goodbye to her sons who are off to serve in all parts of the world. Taxes, the restrictions on unessential services, and the re-allocation of man power bring the war into the life of every Canadian. But Canadians are still living in relative luxury, and they still hold fast to the greatest of blessings - freedom. "Nazi Eyes on Canada" shows how all this would have changed in the Nazi lust for power on the North American continent had been fulfilled.

A Nazi Spy, alias Colin Ross, travelled throughout Canada in the 1930s reporting back to his Nazi superiors on strategic Canadian locations that would enable a North American invasion. Based on Ross' reports,"Nazi Eyes on Canada" brings the Nazi vision for North American domination to life.

W.L. Mackenzie King, then Prime Minister of Canada, delivered a national address on the CBC a week before the first of these radio plays was aired. We've included this speech to bring historical context to these vintage radio plays.

Producer J. Frank Willis, assembled a "Who's who" of stars for this drama. CBC stars and big Hollywood actors such as Helen Hayes, Vincent Price, and Orson Welles were brought in to complete this masterpiece of Canadian Radio.

These radio plays echo a time of great uncertainty in the world that should never be forgotten, for if we don't remenber the past, we are bound to repeat it.

Originally broadcast 1942.

Starring: ORSON WELLES, VINCENT PRICE, HELEN HAYES, Judith Evelyn, House Jameson, Quentin Reynolds.

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