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From the Archives of the CBC

by Bram Stoker

ISBN 1-894003-24-1

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  Old Time Radio Plays from the archives of the CBC Scenario Productions presents:

by Bram Stoker

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Produced and Directed By Andrew Allan
Composer Lucio Agostini
Author Bram Stoker
Adaptor George Salverson
Count Dracula- Lorne Greene, Jonathan Harker-Alan King, Lister Sinclair-Van Helsing, Budd Knapp-Dr. Steward, Mavor Moore-Renfield, Alice Hill-Mina, Aileen Seaton-Lucy, Dianne Foster-The Vanpire, Eric Christmas-Swales, with Tommy Tweed, Doug Haskins, Murray Westgate, Frosia Gregory, Marcia Diamond, Lloyd Bochner

The Gothic terror myth of the creature of the night and his craving for human blood. This is the journal of Jonathan Harker (Alan King). Should any listen to this, convey it warning to those who believe and convey it to those who mourn for him, for he has written his last words. Heed and beware..."When the spirit dies but the dead live, the dark god of the night is a beast." The original story of the Undead starring Lorne Greene as Count Dracula, brilliantly performed for the CBC's Stage Series during 1949.

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