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From the Archives of the CBC

"Moby Dick"
by Herman Melville


"The Rime of the Ancient Mariner"
by Samuel Taylor Coleridge

ISBN: 1-894003-22-5

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  Old Time Radio Plays from the archives of the CBC Scenario Productions presents:

MOBY DICK (1949)
Author Herman Melville

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Produced and Directed By Andrew Allan
Composer Lucio Agostini
Adaptor John Bethune

Ishmael- John Drainie, Captain Ahab- Lorne Greene, Mr. Starbuck- Budd Knapp, with Robert Christie, Tommy Tweed, Mavor Moore, Frank Peddie, John Bethune, Frank Wade, Glenn Burns, Herb Gott, Alan King, Eric Christmas, John Scott

A radio adaptation of Herman Melville's classic story of blind revenge, symbolism and bitterness. Consumed by insane rage Captain Ahab (Lorne Greene) is on a quest to Kill Moby-Dick, the Great White Whale that disfigured him. The intensity and anguish of this spectacular retelling of the epic tale come alive in this 1949 tour de force radio play.


The Rime of the Ancient Mariner (1949)
Produced and Directed By Andrew Allan
Composer Lucio Agostini
Author Samuel Taylor Coleridge
Adaptor Ira Dilworth
Narrator- Budd Knapp, Wedding Guest- Lloyd Bochner with John Drainie, Alan King, Tommy Tweed, Mavor Moore, Josephine Barrington, Frank Wade, Roger Newman

A ship having first sailed to the equator was driven by storms to the "cold country" towards the South Pole. How the Ancient Mariner cruelly and in contempt of the laws of Hospitality killed a sea bird and how he came back to his own country

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