Stage Series/Number Ten/Willie the

From the Archives of the CBC

"Willie the Squowse"
by Ted Allan

ISBN 1-894003-21-7

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by Ted Allan

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The Tenth volume in the Stage Series is the children's classic "Willie the Squowse." For those who haven't heard, a squowse is part squirrel, part mouse...and part Robin Hood. When Willie finds himself caught between the walls shared by the Pickering and Smith households, strange and wonderful things begin to happen. Willie's presence changes the lives of everyone around him. This charming radio play introduces the magic of original storytelling and song to a new generation of children. Willie the Squowse is sure to capture the imagination of both children and adults and become a cherished favorite.Starring: Ted Allan, Robert Christie, Alex McKee, Ruth Springford, Nina Klowden, Alan Pierce, Jane Mallett.

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