Brick Mallery has stopped the devious "Admiral"

by Pass T. Buck

Brick Mallery, local Private Investigator, used his cunning and whit, to control the situation from the beginning. The "Admiral" who was seeking revenge from years ago was set to execute Mallery, and long lost ex-partner Vic Steed. With help from local barkeep of the "Spider Goulash", Buddy "One Eye", Police Detective Brian Dryer, Mallery's beautiful Secretary, Max of "Max's Coffee Shop and Billiards", and unknown assassin "Pally Boy" McCoy, everything turned out just fine. This local lunatic, the Admiral that is, has been a thorn in the side of this cit for years and within seconds of being captured, escaped fled the country, hopefully never to return. I'm sure, as this is printed in black and white, and as hope springs eternal, he will be back and Brick Mallery will be on the case.
Brick Mallery, this fake real life character, who can only be described as fictionesque, needs no reservations at restaurants or massage parlors.
Brick Mallery Private Detective Extra Pulp Added to every Episode.

The Spider Goulash Bar
Famous Chicken Salad Club House Sandwich
Beer and Whiskey Specials
One way Glass for your privacy
Voted number one in National Surveillance Magazine for Private Investigator Hangouts
Red Sag Carpeting
Arm wrestling machine only 25 cents
Fingerprint free glasses

The Council Escapes from Court Hearing

by Norbert Pissinapot

Brick Mallery has also stopped "The Council" who had fled a court hearing and turned some nightclub patrons into an Army of Cannibal Vampire Zombies. The Councils escape was not realized because of police paperwork pile-ups. An unidentified woman was also working with the council. In jail, "The Council", known for mind control powers, and a capacity for tropical climbs, was a model prisoner for sculpture class. Brian Dryer, a police detective, and Mallery's Secretary was seen with Brick subduing the mad gang terrorizing the city. Once the action was over one of the ex-Cannibal Vampire Zombies was quoted as saying, "It was a very strange thing", and then proceeded to sing the theme to "Welcome Back Kotter."


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