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Mordecai Richler"

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From the archives of the CBC,
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Stories by
Mordecai Richler

Read by: Lewis Negin

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1. A Story about Bennie who went off to W.W.II and came back a Changed Man.

2. The War, Chaverim (Good Friends) and After This story revolves Duddy Kravitz, Joining the Army, and the 'War' at Home.

3. "Bambinger". A story about a Boarder who rents a room.

4. If you don't like Jack Hawkins, Tell Me. This story is set in London, where Richler worked as a reader for a studio script department, a TV writer, where he met Peter Sellers, went to show business parties, and helped write a feature film.

5. "Mr. Sun" The First Citizen of the World. This story is based in France and revolves around a man with no 'Papers', a knotty white beard and the clothes he had been given.

6. "Sticking Together" A story about Jewish 'Clannishness' while in Europe.

7. "E.G.C." The first time Richler met Edward Gorden Craig, a great innovator in theatre design and Staging.

8. "Circus Book". Richler tells his father about his book, "The Acrobats", looking for a job in Montreal, going back to Europe, and waiting for royalties

9. A humorous Account of the Influence of Communism, entitled "The Red Menace."

10. "Shooting the Breeze at St. Urban." Life on Richler's street in Montreal during his youth. 11 "Making it with the Chicks." A story about the sex life of a Jewish Boy.

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